Height Increasing Shoes or Shoe Lifts for Men? The Comparison

Height Increasing Shoes or Shoe Lifts for Men? The Comparison

The quest for extra height is shared by many. If you are looking for a way to appear taller, you are certainly not alone. Millions of men are attempting to find some way to increase their height to no avail. While there are many options available to you, which ones are actually worth your time?

Many men eventually come across to popular options: height increasing shoes and shoe lifts for men. Once you have found these options, the real struggle begins. Which one do you choose? There are advantages to both, but one clearly outranks the other.

Height increasing shoes or known as elevator shoes are popular and have been around for many years. While they used to be difficult to order or find in the right size, thanks to the internet, you can easily get what you need. The height insole is built right into the shoes and while this seems useful, it creates a few problems.

The shoe must be ordered specifically for you and they can sometimes appear off. If someone takes a close look at your shoes, chances are, they will know something is different about them. The front of the shoe generally appears elongated and awkward. Height increasing shoes can also be expensive. These types of shoes can give you up to 3 inches of extra height, so some believe the price is worth it.

Shoe lifts for men, on the other hand, can be placed into almost any type of shoe. This means you will not have to worry about ordering a specific, and expensive, pair for yourself. Shoe lifts for men can typically give you up to 2 inches in height, so they are slightly smaller than height increasing shoes.

shoe lifts are betterWhile they may be smaller, they can go in any of your shoes. This means you will never have to be caught in a normal pair of shoes. You will always have your height advantage. Another great bonus is that they are virtually undetectable. No one will notice that you are wearing shoe lifts for men. These insoles are also much cheaper than their competition.

When these two products are compared, it is easy to see which one stands on top. While the height increasing shoes can give you a large amount of height, they are too expensive and they look awkward.

You certainly do not want to have to go through all of the trouble of ordering a pair of these expensive shoes just to have someone notice that you are increasing your height with them. Shoe lifts for men are much more affordable and can be worn with any type of shoe. They also give you a nice height advantage.

Many men have issues with their height and there is nothing wrong with taking your life into your hands and doing something about it. When you begin your search for ways to increase your height, you will come across height increasing shoes and shoe lifts for men. After looking at the facts, it is easy to see that shoe lifts are the way to go. Go find a pair today!

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