Lift Height Insoles or LiftKits? Read This Review

LiftKits or Lift Height Insoles

Are you trying to decide to go with Lift Height Insoles or LiftKits? Here’s a comparison between the two to help you make up your mind as to what shoe insole to use to gain more height. These insoles will work for both men and women and will typically add a couple of inches to your overall height.

Why Shoe Lifts?

Shoe lifts such as the ones made by Lift Height Insoles or LiftKits add height to your shoes and this helps you gain more confidence so you don’t have to worry about your height issues. When you buy shoe lifts you’ll naturally gain more confidence and you will want to go out and do more. Both these supplies offer excellent shoe lifts with good value.

The Price

Regular Lift Height Insoles is going to run you about $21.95 for a standard insole while the LiftKits will cost more at around $36.99.  LiftKits does a lot of marketing so this is the main reason why these insoles cost more.  Lift Height Insoles doesn’t do as much marketing so there shoes insoles tend to be cheaper.

The Quality

Both types of insoles have similar quality so there’s not much difference here. They use high quality neoprene gel which decreases the pressure on your foot and the joints as well as the spine. These insoles make you appear taller at the same time. Both insoles provide height for you and they have a few health benefits too such as improved posture and decreased pressure.

Design Aspects

LiftKits has their logo on the shoe lift and if someone sees this logo they will know you are using lifts for your shoes. With Lift Height Insoles there’s no logo so no one will know that you’re using shoe lifts in your shoes at all. This way you can keep the “secret” from your friends and family. If you want to be more discreet then you will want to go with Lift Height Insoles as they are harder to spot.


LiftKits has no bonuses with their shoes but with Lift Height Insoles you’ll get an extra pair of detachable shoe lifts and with your order you also get a guide called ‘Style Guide for Short People” which you may find of interest. Lift Height Insoles seems to have a bit more to offer in terms of overall value when you buy.


There’s international shipping offered by both these suppliers. With LiftKits you do need to pay an extra $2.75 for your “discreet shipping.” In this case you’ll get a discreet package so no one will know what you ordered. Lift Height Insoles on the other hand doesn’t have this shipping as all their packages are already discreetly delivered to you.

Both suppliers make great shoe lifts and you could go with either one of these suppliers. Lift Height Insoles is a bit more discreet and you don’t have to pay any extra fees for this service so they might be better if your privacy is an issue for you.

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