7 Dating Tips for Vertically Challenged Men

7 Dating Tips for Vertically Challenged Men

No matter how much you hear that it doesn’t matter, short guys never get the girl. Women just don’t like being taller! No woman says that short guys are their type – let’s be honest!

Women need to feel like they are important and that they have the world. The best way of doing that is marrying someone tall.

If you’re struggling with looking taller, I’ve got just the dating tips for you.

Use Vertical Patterns
Short celebrities use this trick all the time and it makes them look taller! Opt for chalk stripe, herringbone and pinstripe patterns to give the look of extra height. Try out different patterns to see the ones that work best for you. However, make sure you only use one type of pattern at a time. Mixing them becomes distracting and will make you look shorter than you really are!

Dark Colors Are Your Friends
Deep grey, navy and black will help you look slimmer – making you look taller – and look more professional. They scream power and that’s exactly what women want! Make sure you have good posture when wearing these colors to help stand out from the crowd. You’ll become intimidating to other men and look taller naturally. Use a woman’s desires to your advantage and adopt this useful psychological trick.

Keep Your Hair Short
Short hair will help you seem taller. It creates space between the shoulders and head to make it look like there is more there. Many experts refer to this as the “Barney Rubble effect” so work with it and use it to your advantage.

Of course, while short, it needs to be maintained. This is visible to everyone so you want to stand out for the right reasons!

It’s Time to Get to the Gym
If you let yourself get out of shape, you’ll have more problems with looking short. Work extra hard to stay slim and lean and it will help to create a taller look.

The gym will do your health good and women love lean and toned bodies so you’re in a win-win situation. Taller men often let themselves off and put on a bit of extra weight so you gain advantage over them quickly. There’s no need to go crazy; just get fitter.

Don’t Forget the Shoe Lifts!
Okay, so it probably won’t help you get the girl just because you add a few inches but it will help you to feel more confident. Confidence is important when it comes to getting the girl.

Shoe lifts are affordable and easy to buy – online so you don’t need to worry about how shop assistants think.

Within five seconds you go from 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-8; what more could you ask for? They aren’t visible since they’re worn on the inside of shoes and work with all types of footwear. This is much better than opting for the more expensive elevator shoes.

Work on Your Posture
Slumped shoulders will take away height so work on your posture. Stand or sit back with your shoulders back and head high. This also helps to make you look more confident, so you will attract more females.

Confidence Is Your Most Important Asset
It’s been said a few times in this – confidence will help you get more women. Women want someone who is sure of himself and doesn’t constantly need reassurance. High self-esteem will knock everyone out of the ball park and is more important than height any day of the week.

The next time you’re out, you’ll see women with shorter men. This isn’t because of their height but the way that they look and act. Women are attracted to power, dominance and confidence; those factors are always better than height. Shorter guys need to take advantage of those factors and dominate the crowd.

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