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Being vertically challenged can lead to low self-confidence. This affects many areas of your life, including love, friendships and career. There’s one quick way to feel better about your height – shoe lifts from Lift Height Insoles! You really need to invest in a set and boost your height and success in life instantly.

How Your Height Affects Your Life?

Being short affects your confidence and self-esteem. Whether you’re trying to gain a successful career or you want that most beautiful girl in the room, your height often becomes a problem – you’re more likely to lose out to the taller men. While there are ways that you can dress to make you look taller, once you are stood next to someone taller than you, it shows.

Even if your height doesn’t directly affect it, the way your self-esteem lowers will. You will limit your beliefs by thinking of how your height has affected you in the past and it will stop your success in the future. While you may not be able to forget your past, you can do something to improve your confidence. Shoe lifts will give you the boost in your height so you can feel better about yourself. You’ll measure up when you stand next to the taller guys.

No-One has to Know

One of the great things about shoe lifts is that no-one will ever know. They fit inside the shoes so others will never be able to see. They are thicker insoles and are never on show. You’ll just have a few people asking if you’ve grown but you don’t have to own up to the truth! Just smile and nod – if you really want to tell them something, you can state that you’ve improved your posture to make the most out of your height.

Work with All Shoes

Shoe lifts are different to elevator lifts. Elevator lifts are built into the heel of a shoe and are only useable with that one pair. The best thing about shoe lifts is that you can use them in all your shoes. There is no need to worry about spending large amounts of money on all your favourite pairs or to make sure you always have a pair for an occasion.

Shoe lifts work just like all other insoles. They are quickly removed and inserted into another pair. They are reusable and you will only need to buy another set as they succumb to wear and tear. They become an extremely cost-effective methods to raise your confidence and improve your success in love and life. Love hiking but need something for the office? You can have the same pair of insoles making them perfect for your wallet!

Less Damage to Your Body

Some other options to increase your height can be damaging to your body. Elevator lifts, when not made correctly, can lead to problems with the feet and ankles and could even damage the spine due to poor posture. In fact, poorly made elevator lifts can lead to you looking just as short as before if you have poor posture.

Shoe lifts will help to improve your posture. Your insteps will be supported to keep the spine in the correct alignment. Great alignment not only makes you taller and improves your confidence but makes you look confident. The impression of confidence will improve your chances of getting a job or the promotion that you have always wanted. The impression of confidence will mean women want to get to know you and then you can wow them with your personality.

You’re Not Alone with Shoe Lifts

Think you’re alone in the world if you choose shoe lifts? You may be surprised to hear that many people use shoe lifts on a regular basis, even many celebrities! They love the ability to add a couple of inches of extra height within a couple of minutes. It makes them feel more powerful – and look at how successful they are! You could have the same success as all the big name stars out there.

Interested in shoe lifts and wondering where to get them from? Come along to us and get a pair of insoles to suit your budget. If you’re not happy with them, you can get your money back within 30 days. On top of that, enjoy free shipping on all orders above $60 – buy extra shoe lifts to get the best value – and get our premium eBook, “Style Guide for Short People”, to help you with your challenging height. There’s also the opportunity to get an extra pair of shoe lifts for FREE.

What are you waiting for? Take control of your life and become more confident and successful with shoe lifts from

Lift Height Insoles

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